Mysterious Angkor Wat Temple

Mysterious Angkor Wat Temple

Unveil the secrets of the enigmatic Angkor Wat Temple, an ancient marvel nestled in the heart of Cambodia. Delve into its rich history, architectural wonders, and captivating legends as you embark on a virtual journey through time. Discover the allure of this UNESCO World Heritage site, where ancient mysteries and cultural treasures converge. Prepare to be mesmerized by the breathtaking grandeur of Angkor Wat, a testament to the ingenuity of our ancestors. Explore the allure of this extraordinary temple complex today.

Mysterious Angkor Wat Temple

The Lost City of Angkor:

Discover the captivating history of the Khmer Empire and the rise of Mysterious Angkor Wat. Unravel the tales of its construction, which spans over four centuries, and how this once-thriving city gradually faded into the shadows of history. Explore the myths and legends that surround its creation and abandonment.

Angkor Wat Temple

Angkor wat sunrise

Mysterious Angkor Wat Temple

Not only is Mysterious Angkor wat designed with grandness and originality, it was also built in alignment. the Original name of Angkor wat was Parama Vishnu Lokha Which means the “Sacred World of God Vishnu” and the architect made sure he aligned this temple with heavenly bodies. Every year, on a specific day, tens of thousands of tourists from around the world come to this city. This day is called the equinox , where the daytime is exactly equal to the night time. All the tourists wake up at four a clock in the morning and rush to the temple to see the sunrise. Because this is how the sun rises when you see it from the entrance, and this happens. How could they have calculated and built it with this incredible astronomical precision. But this is just the tip of the iceberg, the temple is built with so many details about astronomy, we can write an entire book about it.

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Ancient Rituals and Spiritual Significance

The Sun God Surya, he is the personification of the sun according to Hinduism, but look below him, you see these guys doing Namaste to Surya? Who depends on the sun in our Solar system? The planets of course. The number of guys, and you will count 9 planets including the dwarf planet, but this is crazy because text books say Pluto was discovered only in 1930, less than a century ago and Pluto cannot be seen unless you have a high powered telescope. Even Neptune , which is the 8th planet from the Sun, is said to be discovered by Galileo only about 400 years ago. Yet, the sun and 9 planets were carved at least 900 years ago in Angkor Wat. If Mysterious Angkor Wat was built by people using primitive tools, how did they know about Neptune and Pluto. The entire temple was built as a giant symbol of cosmology, originally it had a total of 12 towers, symbolizing the 12 signs of zodiac but they were destroyed by the people who came later, this is why some of the towers have been flattened.

Mysterious Angkor Wat Temple
Angkor Wat Temple 400 acres

Historians say it was built about 900 years ago with simple tools. You may have already known that this is the largest religious monument in the world, but how big is this temple? The temple stretches more than 400 acres, that is more than three times the size of the entire Vatican city, or about 300 times the size of an American football field. So you can imagine the size of this temple. Even if we take out all the walking space and empty land, the sheer area covered by stone blocks is at least 10 Million Square Feet. And we are not looking at just a 2 dimensional ground area, we have to look at the volume in 3D because it is made of layers and layers of stone blocks, pillars, ceiling, and towers. The Iconic central towers in the middle, which almost look like drill bits, they are still the tallest structures in this city, even after all these years. The central tower is 213 feet tall, and this view is actually printed on the Flag of Cambodia.

So imagine what would be the sheer volume of rocks needed to build a temple which stretches for 10 million square feet and has a pyramidal height of more than 200 feet. If we calculate the weight of all the sandstone blocks which make up this pyramid, we get about 52 Million tons of rock. I have used a calculator to calculate this weight, using the density of sandstone. Now, we have already not included the rocks in the foundation, we have not included the millions of stone blocks going many feet deep in the moat, and the rocks placed around the moat. And that is already 52 Million tons of rock. Now what I am going to do is take only 20% of this number, so this way we know this is a very very conservative estimate, because Angkor Wat is not a true solid pyramid, there are lots of hollow spaces in between. Let us actually take even less than 20%, we will only take 10,000,000 tons. So this way we know at least this much of rocks would have been used to build the temple.

Mysterious Angkor Wat Temple

Constructing Mysterious Angkor Wat

the weight of the stone blocks in this temple? Because, archeologists and historians argue that the entire temple was built in just 37 years. You know the standard theory, people using chisels and hammers to build temples. Now let us assume that these people worked from sunrise to sunset everyday for 37 years. So they worked straight for 12 hours with no breaks, they don’t eat, they don’t even blink, and no rainy days, no war, no festivals for 37 years. That is a total of 162,060 hours. So if you do the math, if you divide the amount of rocks by the number of hours, this is the answer we get, approximately 60 tons. This means that they would have to cut and place at least 60 tons of rock every hour. This is 1 Ton of rock every minute. So for every minute they have to measure, cut, carve, lift, place and align one ton of rock. This is simply IMPOSSIBLE. We cannot accomplish this even today, even with modern machinery, we have not yet developed the technology to cut, position and polish one ton of rock of every minute. That is more than 2000 pounds of rock every minute, or 1000 kilograms every minute.

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