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A new chapter in India-Africa

there is a slow realisation that Africa a on the mainland, which is almost 17 percent current and emerging world population 25% in 2050, must be carefully studied. Why? Because the rise of India as a global player is inevitable has to do with the kind of partnership it enjoys with

Over the past 15 years and especially since 2014 India-Africa relations have steadily developed but more progress can be made. In this context 20-member African Expert Group (AEG), Founded by Vivekananda International The foundation recently presented the VIF report titled “India-Africa” Partnership: Achievements, Challenges and Roadmap 2023. (This author was the president of the African expert group that he founded Vivekananda International Foundation.)


Africa in Transition

The report examines the transitions taking place Africa: Demographic, Economic, Political and
social From this combination of changes, stamped the negative effects of the pandemic and
complex geopolitics, a continent emerges which is ready to change himself. It goes slowly
to regional integration and is committed democracy, peace and progress, even if
Ethiopia, Sudan, Central African Republic and other countries continue to fight
challenges caused by insurgencies and ethnic violence and terrorism. Superimposed on this landscape is sharpens the competition for at least half a yeara dozen foreign partners, such as China, Russia, United States, European Union, Japan,For Turkey and the United Arab Emirates his relations with parts of Africa
ensure access to markets, access to energy and minerals more political and economic
effect China stands out, armed consistent and sound policy since 2000 to is practically the largest economy in Africa Companion Report essay aptly describes China’s role as an “infrastructure builder” resource provider’ and ‘financier’. invested huge sums of money in Africa, materials and diplomatic thrust. Since 2007, Chinese leaders have visited 123 times on the continent, while 251 African leaders visited China The VIF report says so India has a significant partnership with Africa and a rich fund of goodwill, but it is “necessary New Delhi regularly reviews its African policy, you remain flexible to make the necessary changes, and put it in sharp focus implementation”

The key part is the “Roadmap 2030”,

 India-Africa roadmap

“Roadmap 2030 ” the crowd almost 60 policy recommendations
which is designed to deepen and diversify India-Africa a partnership They cover four areas. First, political and diplomatic cooperation should be confirmed on regular returns
leadership summits India-Africa Forum Summit; the last peak wasIn 2015. In addition, a new annual strategic dialogue between the President of the African Union (AU) and the Indian Minister of External Affairs should will be launched in 2023. One more suggestion refers to consensus-building among the G20 countries Members of the Africa Union fully join the G20 group a member The procedure is ongoing now, please follow Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently communication with G20 leaders support this proposal. The expert group has the Ministry of Foreign Affairs also recommended Affair (MEA) has an exclusive secretary For African affairs to further improve them Africa policy implementation and impact.

Second, on defense and security cooperation. the government needs to increase the number of defense affairs sent to Africa are expanding their operations dialogue on defense issues, expand the footprint
cooperation of the maritime industry and expand its business lines to facilitate defense exports. It could be more done to increase the volume of defense training service times and improves collaboration
counter-terrorism, cyber security and development technologies.

The third most recommendations related to economy and development cooperation India-Africa trade reaches $98 in FY22-23 is encouraging development If you can, that number can increase
financing by creating growth in Africa fund (AGF) is guaranteed. Special package measures to improve project export and construction cooperation in the maritime sector continued recommended. Special attention must be given to the promotion of tripartism collaboration and deepening of science and
technological cooperation can generate a lot of profit.

Fourth, there should be socio-cultural cooperation
increased due to greater interaction universities, think tanks, civil society and media organizations in India and certain Africans lands Establishment of a national center
Research in Africa is the right step. indian Technical and Economic Cooperation (ITEC) and Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR) scholarships for Africans should be named after famous African characters. Persist arrangements for African students coming to India higher education should be liberalized. They
short-term work visas should also be issued.

Finally, the report offers a special action implementation mechanism 2030′. This is best ensured by closure MEA and National Cooperation through the group to the Secretariat of the Security Council
civil servants working under joint administration Africa MEA Secretary and appointed Deputy National Security Advisor

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