France Riots

France Riots

Mama Diakité is a French citizen who was born to two immigrant parents and was raised in a Paris suburb not far from the location of last week’s fatal police shooting of a 17-year-old boy during a traffic check.

France Riots

A policeman shot and killed a 17-year-old driver on Tuesday morning in the district of Nanterre, France, while conducting a traffic stop. According to the local prosecutor’s office, an investigation into the incident is still ongoing while the cop is still being held on suspicion of manslaughter.
The deadly shooting is being looked examined by France’s Inspectorate General of the National Police, which looks into claims of police wrongdoing.

Nahel M., 17, was the victim, according to attorneys for his family, who also announced their intention to file complaints against the officer who fired the fatal shot and another officer present at the scene. On social media, Nahel’s mother pleaded for others to march with her in Nanterre on Thursday, writing: “Please, let’s revolt for my son.”
Tuesday night, protests over the teen’s death were seen in Nanterre and other regions outside of Paris. Numerous vehicles and structures were set on fire as protesters and riot police engaged in combat. A town hall was set on fire at Mantes-la-Jolie, roughly 25 kilometres to the northwest, when emotions were at their height in Nanterre.

France Riots

Darmanin, who denounced the violence and announced increased police presence, claimed that a total of 50 automobiles were destroyed, 29 people were arrested, 32 police officers were hurt, and 27 others were also injured. 1,100 cops were deployed overnight, and 3,000 more would be stationed in and around major cities on Wednesday, according to the interior ministry, in order to “maintain order.”
Video allegedly showing the event that is making the rounds online, according to Darmanin, is “extremely shocking” and “apparently not in line with what we want in policing.”
He continued, “A gesture like the one we saw is never justified,” if the photographs are accurate.

The teen’s death and the accompanying protests were also addressed by French President Emmanuel Macron, who told reporters on Wednesday that “it takes calm for justice to be done.”
After what happened, “I want to express the emotion of the entire nation and express my solidarity with his family,” Macron added. “Nothing can excuse the death of a child,”

France rioting appears to slow on 6th night after teen’s death in Paris suburbs:

Tens of thousands of police were deployed after the funeral of a teenager of North African heritage whose shooting by police provoked widespread outrage, and the interior ministry reported on Sunday that France rioting had lessened overnight.

After Nahel, a 18-year-old with Algerian and Moroccan parents, was shot during a traffic stop on Tuesday in the Paris district of Nanterre, the government dispatched 45,000 police officers to the streets in an effort to quell a fifth night of France riots. Nahel’s funeral was held on Saturday.

France Riots

Since then, looters have targeted town halls, police stations, and schools—structures that serve as symbols of the French state—in addition to burning automobiles and looting shops.

Despite the fact that the unrest in France that was caused by the police shooting of a 17-year-old appeared to be subsiding on its sixth night, arson and vandalism continued to target public buildings, cars, and municipal trash cans across throughout the night and into Monday.
Out of the 3,154 arrests made overall since June 27, 137 were made overnight, according to the Interior Ministry. Additionally, two law enforcement stations were attacked, and other property was damaged.
To combat violence sparked by rage over prejudice against persons with ties to former French colonies and who reside in disadvantaged areas, around 42,000 cops were stationed across the country. The kid who died last Tuesday, Nahel, was shot in the Nanterre neighbourhood of Paris and was of Algerian heritage.

Overnight, 31 structures and 277 vehicles were set on fire in France.
According to a statement from Paris police, a 24-year-old firefighter perished while battling a wildfire in an underground garage that spread to the apartment building above. According to the statement, the cause of the fire was under investigation.
French President Emmanuel Macron has urged on parents to take responsibility for their adolescents and blamed social media for the unrest’s growth. According to Justice Minister Eric Dupond-Moretti, parents who neglect their duty “either through disinterest or deliberately” would face legal consequences.
When asked if he believed the protests had finally subsided, he responded with caution.

Mayor Vincent Jeanbrun claimed that his wife and one of his children had been hurt, criticised the government for acting too slowly, and asserted that placing the blame on social media or parents was merely a way to hide a more serious issue.

Grandmother of the French kid killed by a policeman begs the rioters to put an end to the violence

After five nights of rioting, the grandmother of a French teenager killed by police after a traffic stop has pleaded with rioters to disperse. Don’t break windows on buses, schools, or buildings, the unnamed grandmother of Nahel, 17, said in a phone interview with French news outlet BFM TV. We want to restore tranquilly. As France experiences its greatest social unrest in years, she said she was outraged with the officer who killed her grandson but not at the police. She also expressed faith in the justice system. On Saturday, Nahel—whose full name hasn’t been made public—was laid to rest.

There seemed to be less violence. However, the office of Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin announced that 42,000 police personnel would once more be stationed on the streets to quell unrest over the treatment of residents of low-income neighbourhoods with ties to former French colonies who face discrimination. Nahel, who is of Algerian heritage, was killed in the Nanterre neighbourhood of Paris.

According to a participant in the meeting who wished to remain anonymous in accordance with French government procedures, President Emmanuel Macron held a special security meeting on Sunday night and has plans to meet with the leaders of both houses of parliament on Monday and the mayors of the 220 towns and cities affected by the protests on Tuesday. According to the person, Macron also intends to begin a thorough, long-term analysis of the factors that caused the turmoil. The first official visit to Germany by a French president in 23 years had been slated to begin Sunday evening, but Macron postponed it to emphasise the severity of the unrest.

The residence of the mayor of L’Hay-les-Roses, a suburb of Paris, was struck by a burning automobile on Sunday, shocking French officials. A number of police stations and town halls have recently been the target of arson or vandalism, although it is unusual for a mayor to be personally attacked.
The 1:30 a.m. attack happened when his wife and one of his children were sleeping, according to Mayor Vincent Jeanbrun, who was in the town hall watching the mayhem. The incident, according to Jeanbrun of the conservative opposition Republicans party, marked a new level of “horror and ignominy” in the upheaval.

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